Oh Joy!
2004-09-29 || when you go to Maine
Soundtrack � The Cure � Faith

I have a tiny bit of schwag left, I�m not getting much sleep. Crankiness turness I mean turns to obnoxiousness and misguided, meaningless ignorance. Fun sometimes though. I had a conversation with a guy I�ve known for almost twenty years the other night about some of the people we knew back in the 80�s getting into the white power movement now, in their mid thirties. It�s like they couldn�t get enough anger and hate in the punk rock scene they had to get even more intense. It wouldn�t be so bad if it weren�t for the horrible music and album covers some of those bands have.
Why is it 800 degrees in this room right now? I�ve now
the window is open with a lovely breeze and the sound of rain on the trees in the back yard. time for slei

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