Oh Joy!
2004-10-05 || The latest trip is here!
Soundtrack � Black Sabbath � Sabotage
Just got back a few hours ago from the trip to Baltimore. We had a great time in four days.
We saw a good baseball game on Saturday (more Sox fans than Orioles fans!), drove, did some shopping, saw Shaun of The Dead (which some negro almost ruined by talking on his cell phone at regular volume before leaving to presumably go buy crack or rob someone), drove the car with a mattress on top of it, visited the cats, had a good hotel room, got free burgers at said hotel room because they couldn�t deliver them in the promised time, saw Napoleon Dynamite again (this time the whole movie, with no children or old Jews making noise in the theatre), I bought a shitload of death metal CD�s�what else�.ummm, I caught the attention of a �Three-way sampler platter� (three Mexicans) by singing Happy Birthday to Jesus at the airport upon arrival, talked to an old black woman sitting in a car in the parking lot at Wal-mart this afternoon who suggested I return the shirt I spent one dollar on �a dollar�s a dollar� she said, we ate some of the worst Chinese food a person could ever eat, I ordered these szechuan dumpling things and they had peanut sauce on them, which was basically peanut butter. The place we stayed, Columbia, MD is one of the premier �test cities� that was built in 1967 by the government or some big corporations, the place had an eerie kind of feel to it, as if it was run by robots and clones, etc. A homosexual man worked at one of the CD shops I went in, I could tell because he had good hair, and was listening to a mix with Elton John, Cher, and Madonna. Inside that CD shop this gigantic woman and her gigantic boyfriend/father/step father walked around and smelled the place up, the guy picked up this awful Michael Jackson CD that wasn�t Off the Wall or Thriller, that one that has him in red on the cover and might have the word �dancefloor� in the title. I saw a guy at another record shop with �Suicidal Tendencies� tattooed on his forearm in the actual Suicidal Tendencies classic font. At one point he ironically picked up a CD and said to his girlfriend/Magic Card partner �The best of Twisted Sister!�. I felt like punching him in the face, or smashing him in the teeth with the Coroner CD I had in my hand. A group of liberal black people sat and ate pizza with a loud retarded guy at one point.
Now I have a headache, great.

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