Oh Joy!
2004-09-28 || Jesus, King of the Oranges
Soundtrack � Jim T12ji

Okay, the remnants of that hurricane are dumping a bit of well deserved rain on us right now. My shirt and pants are damp. I like damp shirts, not soaking wet, damp. It�s nice and cool, and since I sleep with the window open a crack in the dead of winter, this is fine. I hate going places where the heat is cranked. Usually women are responsible for turning the heat up extra high because they are never satisfied and need something to complain about like being cold. Women who complain about being cold should have there cunts sewed shut. I was happy to discover Jodie leaves windows open in the winter sometimes too.
I like that when I make comments about Jews my friends think it�s some kind of joke like I�m casually throwing the word �nigger� around. Funny.
Who is this douche bag Christian that keeps signing my guestbook every few months? Seriously dude, get a life. Nobody is going to hell, deal with it. Your website is fucking awful too.
Tonight I want to do absolutely nothing. I can�t fuck your fathe

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