Oh Joy!
2004-08-26 || how much for the chicke- enough of this
Soundtrack � Talking Heads � The Great Curve forever!

I like this song, not as much as Houses in Motion though. Which is your favorite on this record? It changes on a daily basis, the favorite song on this record which I will go on record as saying is one of my top ten records of all time by white people influenced by black people musically, and perhaps dumb white people lyrically? That�s a pretty sweet sentence.

Tonight we had the gig, and although everyone said it was fine, I was left unfulfilled. I hate when 100% isn�t given by me because of a little hurdle like a broken string. Breaux and Aarne were on as usual, I just had a shitty time as my secondary guitar sounded bad to me.

The Red Sox won, The Yankees lost, I�m enjoying a late night joint, a bottle of ice cold water and my bed is looking sexier than Liv Ullman in Hour of the Wolf. I must go there.

As clich� as it sounds, I�m sick and tired of being sick and tired.


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