Oh Joy!
2004-08-31 || a short ride to chicken
Soundtrack � Black Sabbath � Technical Ecstasy

It�s wonderfully grim outside today, hence the wonderfully grim Black Sabbath album on the stereo right now. If they announced it would snow tomorrow, for the rest of the year, I would be excited. I am sick of the summer already. Each day a new person does something that makes you never want to leave the house again. Like the kunty douche bag that hit and run my car while it was parked on Saturday. I vaguely remember a car similar to Breaux�s next to mine, so if I ever saw it parked, and it had the scratches on it, etc. I would surely smash everything on it that could be smashed. It�s more than likely that a woman did it, as women can�t drive for the life of them. If I saw this woman in person I would punch her in the face repeatedly until she fell to the ground crying, then I would shit all over her face. It�s scary that there is a possibility that the person who hit the car had someone tell them they love them last night, not knowing that said recipient of the �I love you� deserves to be eaten alive by death monkeys.

We have another gig tomorrow night, and then another two weeks from tomorrow night. The October Salem shit got cancelled. I think we may take most of the rest of the year off after the one in two weeks to write, record, etc.

I started playing video games again yesterday during my day off. Oooh. I went to the police station high on marijuana. Ahhh.

I�m going to Baltimore in a few weeks again.

Is every single person a complete idiot? Hell no. I�m really tired of reading opinions and ideas though. None of it makes sense. I have become part of the room at this point. Last night, I read a little of some unnamed famous French writer and it was so fucking dumb I wanted to vomit (ironically ;)). Boo hoo to everyone.

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