Oh Joy!
Soundtrack � Albert Ammons

I don�t want to be here anymore tha

It�s starting to get dark early and colder out now, so the summer is winding down. I could easily go on record and say this may have been the worst summer I�ve ever had. Boring, doing the same thing over and over. The one thing I had to do near the end of the summer didn�t happen. The two other trips I took were good, the rest was jus

I�m up to

I forgot how annoying Jewish

This idea of going to Ohio has shaped into an idea to actually move there at some point in my life. This place

I have no idea what I did last week

This weekend I think I�ll go see a movie on Sunday. Friday and Saturday are reserved for

That stove pipe at work sold me a good bag of marijuana last

Imagine Ted Koppel �jack hammer style� fucking a nine year old boy from behind

Today I think I may actually do some work we have the gig tonight which I�m slowly getting excited about it takes a whole lot to

If you smoke a joint you can come to the gate. Actually this reminds me of a story. These stone lions, big stone lions in the cemetery, when I was a younger man they talked to me. Really. I have recordings of

I really think homosexuals, and people who are tolerant of their behavior should be rounded up, put on an island and force fed broken glass and banana daiquiri�s for life. Who�s with me here?

One thing I�d like to do is to start telling about chi

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