Oh Joy!
2004-08-25 || pick up the chicken it fell on rugs
Soundtrack � Tones on Taiwhatever

Poor Jelly tickets would have you over for dinner but last week when Ben came by he had one whole pound of dried up crunchy dolphin cubes that he picked up down in Florida or somewhere like that I often wonder when I go to sleep earlier if it will make the day easier the next day, you know like not make me feel like I am going to fall asleep standing I wonder if I�m just so bored that I am slowly boring myself to death where I will just fall so deep asleep I will never wake up I already have my route home from the gig tomorrow night mapped out in my head evidently there are only two bands an early night thank the lord and all of his friends in heaven that look down upon us I love driving through downtown Boston late at night with a nice cup of coffee and a cigarette how geeky is it that I have a soundtrack and an emotion assigned to a drive home from a gig on Wednesday night that is not the coolest thing a guy can do but what the fuck it excites me more than Bruce Willis or lesbian sex scenes please please please tell me why the obsession with chicks getting down together this does nothing for me especially since the women are usually those nasty tall skinny jobs with the extra long fingernails and the red lipstick and the vagina that is shaved into a v or some shit like that show me a pornography with a man and a woman making love with some nice music on a beach house with sea winds blowing the winds of yesterday through the curtains that is the type of shit I�m down with fuck two chicks at the same time I can�t imagine that are there guys that jerk off to that I can�t imagine it if I want tp boy am I exhasustedajs

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