Oh Joy!
2004-07-22 || Black Sibbith
Soundtrack � Black Sabbath

When does life turn into a series of endless dinners out at restaurants? I can�t go a week without going out to dinner somewhere. How�s that for excitement?

The bank still hasn�t un-frozen my money, which I discovered for the second time today. The first was at the supermarket, where I had to put my lunch back, and then after being assured it was okay by the lady on the phone, I stopped to get gas and couldn�t pay for it. Shortly thereafter I smashed my cell phone in the car against the dashboard and windshield. I put it back together and it still works, although you couldn�t talk into it at first. I�m going away in a day and a half and I have repairs to make on it, shit to buy before I go, and a general need to have some money obviously. The douche bags can�t get their shit together and fix this problem I admittedly created myself anyway. But I paid up, so let�s

After dinner we went to the batting cages and hit some balls for a little while. My arms hurt a little in the forearms. I�ve been curling the 80 lb curling iron a few times a week lately so it doesn�t feel that bad. Arm pain from exercise is one of the better pains around.

did you fuck dogs?

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