Oh Joy!
2004-08-02 || you have the option of chic pocketbook parties
Soundtrack � Dwight Yoakam � Greatest Hits

Some teenage fuck holes made the M Night Shamaylan movie slightly unbearable by talking the whole fucking movie. For part of it I thought it was an old man, then a group of three lesbian women, then it turned out to be teenage boys, three of them. Teenagers should be kidnapped, murdered and left in the woods for robotic dingoes to eat the swollen carcasses of. I gave out the secret on my Myspace account, I don�t feel like typing it out again here though. I suppose I could copy and paste it.

The vacation was good. I was to leave to drive to Baltimore on last Friday, the 23rd. Unfortunately, my two front tires were as bald as a teenage girl�s pet eagle, so I figured I could get them replaced early in the morning, and then be off like a prom DJ in 1979 after Stairway to Heaven. WRONG! I went to like 87 places from 9AM to around 3PM and nobody had the size, or they had to order them, or they lied to me and told me I HAD TO BUY four tires. Fuckholes. I don�t need to buy four tires, well it was that one Bill Clinton looking guy that tried to tell me I needed four of them. On the way out I told him his wife needed four big black curtain rods to finish that room upstairs. I ended the journey of heat and frustration at the obvious place, where I bought the car, and they were able to order them for that day, and put them on Saturday in the morning. So I waited an extra day.

The drive down was nice and relaxing, As usual, the solo drives that are seven hours plus are the best ones. I didn�t have any problems, looked at the map once the whole trip, and got one funny comment on my Red Sox hat from a Yankees fan in White Plains, New York

Jodie and I saw a Red Sox game get rained out after two and a half innings. The baseball park was beautiful though, Camden Yards. Here are a couple of pictures I took while there:

Actually, I�m too not into doing that to deal with pictures right now.

We saw Fahrenheit 911. I wasn�t into the woman reading her son�s last letter. That made me feel�down. Otherwise, a pretty funny movie.

The trip was too short. I am a little reenergized though. I hate when people come back from being on vacation and they are �exhausted�. This should not happen unless you are a homosexual person.

I have not left this house all day. I have not experienced anything really remotely �summer� this summer, aside from going to a couple of baseball games. Swimming. Walking. Anything that involves exercise or being outside at this point in time does not interest me in the least bit. If I could stay in the house the rest of the summer I probably would. Especially with the central air conditioning and all. There�s no need to go outside. I went to get a cup of coffee for what is basically a 9 minute trip total and got pissed off within 3 minutes. If one can just avoid having to deal with the general public as much as possible one is much better off.

How many faggots and douche bags infest that Myspace thing anyway?

I have been listening to country music lately. Not that faggy Wilco shit.

Imagine if Al Quesadilla blew up a bunch of stock brokers this week?

I have no desire to go to sleep tonight, or write in this fuckhole right no

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