Oh Joy!
2004-07-21 || He said "saxophentle"
Soundtrack � Something gay someone else is playing in here

So the Massachusetts govt finally caught up and decided to just take the money from my bank account I owed them from whenever ago. These kuntniggerfukholes had me calling all over the place this morning trying to deal with it. I was given a number to call and when I called it was for child support payments. I think the lady at the bank thought they froze my account because I was a deadbeat dad. Ha! I can�t get them to fix half of the fucking roads around my house, I basically have no fucking say in anything remotely important to me when it comes to voting, so what the fuck? I really hate this state, and I am really thinking of leaving now. I hate the way shit is run here, so why stay around here. The people here are all douchebags. I want to go where the majority of people are Christians, not Russian Jews or Puerto Ricans. I want to live in the woods with a bunch of English speaking white people. Hopefully the woman who presumably put the transfer through will be brutally raped in the asshole by a gang of gorillas on her way home from work tonight. Fuck taxes, I�ll let them do this each time, I can�t be bothered with writing them checks, etc.

It�s nice and warm here today, if you like when it is �nice and warm� out you would probably be real happy about it. I�m living an air-conditioned existence for the last 72 hours or so, only suffering for a few minutes at a time.

My tires are balder than a nine year old girl�s sweet virgin pussy right now. I�ll need to have them replaced before Friday.

I�ve managed to actually get about 25 minutes worth of work done here today in the 6 hours I�ve been here today.

I wrote a check to Jesus this afternoon. He�s guaranteed me a seat on the magic airplane to heaven. I am so excited about this.

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