Oh Joy!
2004-07-19 || a saxophone tickles your sexuality tonight, one night only
Soundtrack � Louis Armstrong � Satchmo Sings

Kuntfuk holes get fucked in ASS!

I really hate the spam people. I just received some spam from a porn site and I clicked on the link and found the customer service department. I spent the last 30 minutes sending different messages from their little automated help desk thing. I don�t think I�ve ever written anything as racist, sexist, and downright offensive as I just did. I left my Yahoo account on each of them, so hopefully someone will reply and I�ll post it here. I copied one of the messages to put up here, but deleted it. I wouldn�t want to use this forum to offend someone because of their race, sexual orientation, etc. That�s not right. John Kerry wouldn�t stand for that.

How mnay cock suck parties for does it take to change lightbulbs for a blimp in the air? If you guess 4 you win a datye with Jerry Garciuh

Today the air conditioner all day, now the heated evening is making me remember how hot and sloooow the summer is. I like being outside at summer in the evening. I should add I have not experienced a mosquito bite in ages it seems. What happened to them? They seem to not be around anymore or something�. I like a good live in concert! rock band experience in the summer. Beyond that, I�d rather the fall. Nothing beats that crisp bright cold air. Not like 2 degrees cold, but you know. October Sunday afternoon. August Sunday afternoon is miserable. Black people throw barrels through windows in Spike Lee films. Women dress like whores. The whole thing is overrated. Dogs and cats pant in the heat. Your father doesn�t love you anymore.

How is the Zionist agenda treating you today?

Funny you should mention tea leaves, one of the television shows had a woman named Clam Chowder Face From Outer Space.

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