Oh Joy!
2004-07-18 || your scrotum is filled with worms and skittles
Soundtrack � kunthol

What a boring waste of time weekend this has been so far. The most exciting thing I did so far this weekend was spit chewed up red licorice all over an SUV with Bush/Cheney stickers all over it on Friday night coming home from work that was parked on the side of the road.

I was going to go to the movies tomorrow afternoon by myself but there�s literally not one good movie playing. Here are the choices: Spiderman 2, I, Robot, Fahrenheit 911, Napoleon Dynamite, King Arthur. I think I would rather have my rock hard cock covered in honey and shoved in a bee�s nest than see any of these movies.

I�m halfway through my second pack of cigarettes. On my drive home Friday night I had this tightness in my chest and felt a bit light headed. I ignored it when I thought of some of the outstanding bills I had on my desk at home.

Yup, still never heard from that useless Jew kunt about the gig.

Here are some new searches people typed into Google and found this page:

� denim asses

� why are people so fucking stupid

� who will come over and fuck

� cocksuker

� fuckingallnight

� Gillian Anderson People magazine armpit

� tom and Helen willis

� parasites that swim in urethra

� see people fuck

There are also a number of Jeffersons related ones too. How exciting. This is what I�m doing on a Saturday night.

I�m so fucking bored with life I don�t want to even go to sleep, I might die of boredom. I like sitting around as much as the next shithead, I just hate sleeping. What if something exciting happens?


Is it supposed to raign tomorrow or what? I have the central AC on here at 3AM, and I probably will leave it on all day tomorrow and sit around here doing nothing at all.

I like this Dead Like Me show

Today I bought the Hank Williams documentary on DVD and watched it. It was pretty good. Some interesting stuff I didn�t know. I don�t want to listen to anything else but him for the rest of my life.

You are fuk

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