Oh Joy!
2004-07-16 || ten men came and picked up a shelving units systems
Soundtrack � Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys � etc�

I�m getting more into this real old country music. It�s 800 times better than anything else I�ve bought lately. How exciting.

There are people fucking like there�s no tomorrow on the TV right now. I like how in these softcore movies they blow the hot steaming baby making fluid inside of the woman�s vagina as opposed to the hardcore stuff where it goes all over the face, etc. It�s a little more realistic anyway. Especially with the saxophone. I don�t think there�s ever been a time where I had sex and a saxophone wasn�t playing over a smoooooth funky beat.

If that black fuck hole says anything about the Red Sox tomorrow I will whip him and tell him to clean the diarrhea I leave him in the toilet.

I smoked a pack of cigarettes tonight.

For the third day this week at work I did very little work. I was going good from 10:00 AM until about 11:05 and then got distracted. I did about 10 minutes of work at 2:30 and that was it for the remainder of the day. I have erased about 25 voicemails from my voicemail over the last couple of weeks too. I hate returning phone calls. At work, and in �real life�. (Atlantic City by Springsteen is on right now. Perhaps my favorite song, or in the top ten of any artist) I�d much rather just deal with people via e-mail. (I�m not fond of the real skinny chick with the barbed wire tattoo in this movie) In an ideal world I would never talk to anyone again for the rest of my life, I would just e-mail them from time to time. I would constantly have $260 on me, plenty of cigarettes, and enough gas to get around. I would just go out in public to buy drinks (non-alcoholic), cigarettes. This amazing ceiling fan would always be on.

I have 1466 songs on the ITunes thing now. I�ll sit here ripping CD�s, and then when I do some writing, etc. I�ll put it on random. This is where I�m finding excitement currently.

We rehearsed a Neil Young song tonight, On the Beach: Am, Dm�Cmaj7, Fmaj7. We had a new one we were working on for a few weeks now, but tonight I just wasn�t feeling it and decided to just shelf it. I have a million songs I wrote with the band, or by myself that I just can�t deal with and I have stop thinking about them. We have been working with one melody/riff in this new one for a couple years now and still haven�t found the correct thing to do with it.

Please don�t tell me I need to get rid of George Bush, really, I don�t fucking care at all. I don�t pay attention. Who�s the president is about as important to me as how many glasses of water Jeff Goldblum drank in the month of August last year. Tell me when Neil Young is going to reissue Time Fades Away on CD, or when Agharta is going to be remastered and I�ll care. They can kill a million people in Iraq, Howard Stern could be kicked off the air, gays could be told they can�t marry, and I�ll still be the complete waste of time loser that I am, so who gives a shit? My dad sends me 800 anti-Bush e-mails a day, people on the messageboard talk about it, my friends talk about it. Fuck! If George Bush can get rid of my emphysema I�ll vote for him though. I tell you though, I really like the song Rocky Raccoon. If you don�t like this song, you should be killed.

Jodie asked me if I wanted to go on vacation in Florida tonight, I told her I�d rather go see Auschwitz. Maybe that would have some sort of profound effect on me and I could stop saying mean things.

I have $5.85 in my bank account right now.

You should put your fingers in you ass after reading this.

So one of those reality shows I think it was. I don�t know abut changind looks

it�s 1;%%55 niw

it�s 155 now I meant

1:55AM EST

windy � no!

perfect clsleeping weather tonight, as it�s been all week. Today it got a little warm outside.

I really am going to try to do the following tomorrow:

� get some work done

� smoke less cigarettes � the absence of THC in my system is making me smoke more I think

� not make any prejudiced remarks

� lauhg

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