Oh Joy!
2004-07-20 || Chet and Tia ate apples, alright
Soundtrack � Louis Armstrong � Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson

I have a headache like kunt fuckholes have kunty fuckin kid fuckersjewkunty

1:52 AM, I have not the slightest desire to go to sleep for another couple of hours at least. It�s hot as fucking cow piss, and I�m bored shitless. Shut the TV off, the computer and just sit here. Even that would bore me to death. Some nights you feel like you should be able to shut yourself off like a light. Knock yourself out with a bat over and over in the head. Fukykuntfuk


Who cares for gaffit fholes on your sick suck fucker

Again, I smoked a pack of cigarettes. Why even bothe writing in this fucking thing anymoire? saying the same stupid shit over and over, yet somehow 50 or so people come here a day � I�d suck kuntfuckholez

I can�t wait to hear what that (***** ****) of a janitor has to say about baseball tomorrow.

I had a crea � I mean I had a dream about dead bodies. Well, it was like 28 Days Laterish. Everyone dead. I found a van, some guy waved me in to avoid �them�. Some unseen force of evil was after me. The van he drove, I threw two dead women out of the back of it as we got away and that was pretty much the end of the whole thing.

Look at how fucking awesome it is in heaven. Litl boys getr out of wheel chair and hug Jesus Chgrist

I bet in heaven it�s like fantasy Yes record covers

Genesis would not know about heaven. Mike Rutherford cok suck hole in your ti

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