Oh Joy!
2004-07-08 || blak lastic band
Soundtrack � I don�t know

Anyway, this morning I was cut off by a car with an �I Love Israel� sticker on it. Karma?

They just announced that Al Queda will attack here during the convention in a couple of weeks. I�ll be out of town. Hopefully everyone I love won�t be completely incinerated. Personally, I think another huge terrorist attack would be pretty sweet. Imagine if they killed an arena full of Democrats? Or killed a large number of people around Massachusetts, and most of them just happened to be the shitty drivers, rude waitresses, etc that we deal with on a daily basis? It would be good! Come on! I want to see some shit blown up by towelheads on my TV again. One of the reasons I picked this time period was because it�s obvious they are going to do something during this. Here are some of the scenarios you fine people of Boston that are stupid enough to stick around here could hope to experience:

� Something crashing into the nuclear reactor up in Seabrook, NH

� One of the gas tankers over in Everett being blown up

� Chemical attack! Hey-oh!

� Suicide bombers (this is the most likely scenario)

Of course the liberal douche bags are already saying �The government is just saying that to scare people�. Fuck that, this will happen, and there�s nothing you can do to stop it. Keep telling yourself everything will be okay and extreme Muslims shouldn�t all be fucking exterminated. Genocide in the Middle East seems like a wonderful idea. Fuck John Kerry, I�m voting for GW.

A little chilly outside. Oh wait, it�s the air conditioner.

That black guy at work here screwed up the drug deal that we were supposed to have today. Black people ar

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