Oh Joy!
2004-07-08 || The Terrible 22
Soundtrack � Some shit from New Orleans w/Guitar Slim

Fuckin Boom!

I�ve been messing with opening ports and fucking network connections, etc. trying to get this Bit Torrent thing happening. It�s just a little slow, and it still lists me as a firewalled motherfucker. Anyway. Boring.

Walked into some new Tex/Mex restaurant tonight to eat and watch the game. As soon as we walked in, line dancing! Whoa! They weren�t playing country music, some sort of dance music with synthesizers. On the way out the shit was hopping, a number of white people with cowboy hats, with some serious country music happening.

Who knew Bob Denver and Pee Wee Herman were both in Back to the Beach with Annette and Frankie from 87?

In the restaurant a young woman (35 maybe) and an older gentleman (46 maybe) were �together�, she was married, but definitely not to this guy. She mentioned �Jim� a number of times, and looked down at her outfit a number of times when the man left to go to the restroom (in other words, �how bad do these tits need to be dealt with after these jalapeno poppers?�). She had a ring, he didn�t. It just seemed fishy though.

Okay, I have a headache officlaeaisy

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