Oh Joy!
2004-07-07 || I think I might be in love with Annie Lennox
Soundtrack � Stevie Wonder � Songs in the Key of Life

Why does that Jewy faggot cuntface of a longhaired faggot have to block my car out in the parking lot. I really hope his wife cheats on him and gets AIDS. I hope his baby grows up and nobody at school likes him. I hope someone throws battery acid all over his wife�s pussy.

So it looks like it�s going to be an amazingly beautiful day out today. I�m at work. Today is payday. We got some gas in the car, we got a fresh pack of cigarettes. The sun is shining bright. FUCKIN BRIGHT! I don�t think a person could be more happy to be alive than me right now. As a matter of fact, I think I may go into the men�s room and jerk off all over myself. I love the smell of sperm all over my hands at work. I wonder if priests, and other people in that profession, the profession of boy-fucker, do what they do because they enjoy the smell of sperm all over their hands while they�re at work. I imagine if I were a priest and I was stuck in that sterile environment all day reading the same fucking book over and over and over and over and lighting candles I would want to have the smell of sperm all over my hands. The only way to do that would be to have some little boy come over and take my �body of Christ� into his little mouth and then just as I�m about to blast a divine load of DNA all over the little kid�s Spiderman shirt I would take it out and blast it all over my own hand like ooooooooh and shit.

I can�t imagine what could be less interesting than Michael Moore�s new movie. The new Spiderman movie? That new Cure record? My life in general?

Okay, I should get back to work, it�s beautiful here today. Really!

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