Oh Joy!
2004-07-09 || MV HAMMER TAPE!! whta his name again
Soundtrack � That Hank Williams thing


There is no good reason to be awake at 2:03 AM taking sips of a Coke I opened at 7:00 PM, smoking cigarettes and alphabetizing CDs, is there?

Today is the first day of my �break� from marijuana. I don�t really have the money, the guy was out, and I really need a break from it anyway. It�s starting to�ummm, have effects on me. Wait, what did I just say?

Sometimes when you listen to Joy Division it�s not as exciting.

Another day left and I fly on the airplane to Philadelphia. I�ve done pretty good with the traveling, especially in the last year or two. This will be the I don�t know, huh?

I will now prepare the bed.

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