Oh Joy!
2004-07-07 || Bill came by and got the silk ngeials negi ni neglige
Soundtrack � Bob Marley � Natty Dread

Fuckin Boom!

I avoided the one thing I was looking forward to today, driving home from work. I stayed home from work because I just didn�t feel ready to face outside today. I literally did nothing all day, finally went out at 8:00 to get cigarettes and coffee. Evidently it was warm out all day.

This ITunes thing is getting more exciting by the minute. I now have 1,059 songs on here taking up about 4.5 GB. I have about 85 GB left to fill. This is something that I derive pleasure from right now. In the summertime. Yowza. I have 49 George Jones songs on my hard drive right now.

The Oakland A�s were destroyed tonight, as were the Yankees. Your asshole was destroyed that one night in college at that dude�s apartment.

John Edwards � Oh, so they found the youngest son of Kirk Douglas dead today. That�s sad. I vaguely remember hearing about him being a drug addict and having trouble in the past. I imagined the long hug Catherine Zeta-Jones gave Michael upon hearing the news.

I watched one of those talk shows today where they do a DNA test to determine who the father of a baby is. Can I just say those people are fucked beyond recognition? The dudes do a dance and start yelling ebonical expressions out loud presumably to the soul of 2Pac or something when it is determined that they are not the father.

Today I remembered blowing some older kid when I was like 9 years old. That wasn�t very nice of him. How about you, do you remember any of the times you were molested or touched in a bad way when you were a kid? Feel free to share, we�re all adults here.

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