Oh Joy!
2004-07-06 || red chickens
Soundtrack � Elvis Presley � Live in Hawaii

So I�m evidently not able to go to sleep before 2:00 AM, ever.

The weekend was pretty laid back, nothing that exciting to talk about here.

I had an epiphany about people, which I wrote about here the other night. Not really that exciting, but after thinking about it more over the last day or so. People really do suck. Not strangers, not groups of people, not types of people. The people I see and talk to regularly that can�t seem to stop making blanket statements about �people�. Constantly. People you would normally respect and feel have a grasp on life. I am going to start replying with. �Yeah, I don�t really hate those kinds of people, I just hate niggers and spics� The reality of it is, I�ve been like this for years. People are generally rude about other people and it makes me pissed. They�re all self important and useless in conversation, as their opinions mean nothing at all.

Not really a fan of Ellen Barkin

With the huge amount of jazz mp3s from the 20�s, 30�s, and 40�s I�m loading on to my hard drive I�m bored with rock music again. I bought that Cure record last week and it�s about as exciting as me getting up a few minutes ago and taking that sip of water. Just boring guitar and vocals music. Too wordy. How many obsessive love songs can you hear before you need to listen to someone who�s dead now blowing a horn for ten minutes instead? That shit excites me. These shitty sounding recordings from 1932 with a simple little melody and a solo or two have so much more power and energy than anything anyone is going to release this year. My friends, coworkers, people I know on the net, etc. will keep eating all of this garbage up though, never looking back to see where all of this began. All of this is having an effect on writing lyrics now. I don�t want to sing. I fucking hate writing lyrics. I drag my feet with this process, and the results are always awful. I can�t read them, or listen to my voice singing them without wanting to go deaf and blind. I�d like to turn the band into a band that just goes on stage and improvises for an hour and leaves. We�re at the point where nobody really cares anymore anyway, so why now? I don�t think any of us have any ideal to impress anyone at this point. I could certainly care less about the �rock scene� or whatever you want to call it.

Still no answer from that Jew about that gig. Why are they all like that? Seriously. Is there something in the Jew handbook I�m not privy to?

This coming weekend I�ll be in Philadelphia for a baseball game, and some touristy shit, as my friend has never been before. As much as I think I know my way around there from the half dozen times or so I�ve been there in the last couple of years, I don�t know it that well. If you�re reading this, and you were at that outing of Diaryland people a while back where we went to that museum, and then to a bar/restaurant that was on the second floor of some building, what was the name of that place and where was it? I liked it there.

I smoked too many cigarettes tonight.

I�m looking forward to the drive home from work tomorrow night. That is the only thing I�m looking forward to for the next couple days of this week.

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