Oh Joy!
2004-07-04 || Mike, how horrible was that potato salad?
Soundtrack � That Hank Williams thing again

Here are some good things that happened this weekend so far:

� The Red Sox won finafuckinglly

� I finally figured out the Itunes thing, which took about 39 seconds. Because I�m one of those obsessive people, I deleted the 700 mp3 files I ripped over the last few weeks because I wasn�t ripping them with a program that allowed you to look up the album they came from, sort by genre, etc. So, I went from 700 and something songs down to about 15 right now. I thrive on these kinds of projects though.

� A slight chill has come over New England this evening

� I didn�t buy any new music this weekend. I�m fucking sick of music right now. Sick of buying shit I don�t really need that is.

� I discovered I lost two pounds, and no, I didn�t cut my penis off sillyhead.

� This evening I helped some sketchy alcoholic/crack head looking woman. She asked to borrow 50 cents as I was walking in a convenience store. I gave it to her, when I went in and was waiting for the guy to come out from the back she told me she was going to buy a scratch ticket to see if she could win money to buy cigarettes. She lost. When she came out I gave her a few cigarettes. I don�t know if giving someone cigarettes is necessarily �help�, but�yeah. It feels good to do something that generates a �thank you� from a stranger. It�s kind of funny how much of this kind of thing I do on a daily basis. Not many people I know do anything like this. I assume any stranger that reads this diary would think I�m not this type of person, but I�m probably more of a hippie than any of my friends in real life. I notice shit people do regarding opening doors, letting cars go in traffic, etc. Or rather, don�t do. Recently, two guys beat some man to death in the woods because they walked by him and said �hello� and he started yelling at them that he didn�t have to say hello to them because he didn�t know them. To me, this seems kind of justified. Well, maybe they shouldn�t have killed him, but I hate when I make eye contact with someone holding a door or something and they don�t react in any way. As a general rule, if you�re somewhere remote, like the woods and you pass another human, you should at least exchange a �hello�. If some man started yelling at me for saying hello and I was sure nobody was around I would definitely knock him out at the very least. There are way too many assholes in the world that go through life just constantly being assholes and get away with it. This bugs me to no end. It�s one thing to go on the internet while you�re in a shitty mood because you had a shitty day at work, or your favorite team keeps losing and you�re frustrated, and talk a bunch of shit, hopefully getting a rise out of someone, it�s another thing to just be nothing to people. There are a few people at my work that are like this. One particular guy, Troy is like this. He has long hair, drives a BMW (I�ve literally seen a brush on his passenger seat). He always blocks people in out in the parking lot and doesn�t let them know, so if you need him to move his car you have to page him, or call him. He comes in late to work most days, as he�s one of the people who makes a good amount of money. He works in the other building. Every once in a while when he comes in around 11:30 or so I�ll watch him walk to the other building out the window, give it about 1 minute after he walks in to the building and call him at his desk and ask him to move his car so I can get out to go to the bank or something. I mean the guys name is fucking TROY! Anyway, he�s one of these douche bags that will ignore you 95% of the time when you say hello to him. His wife just had a baby. I think he needs to experience a miscarriage at some point in his life. Or maybe he should have been one. I really just have no time for assholes. I give strangers the benefit of the doubt. Despite the shit I talk here, in real life, I respect everyone, and never really judge people I don�t know. It amazes me on a daily basis how people just complain and complain and make blanket statements about people, �I hate ravers�, etc. I can�t even fathom adhering to this school of thought. It will never be in me, and aggravates me to no end when people talk this kind of shit. 90% of people I talk to on a daily basis are like this. How anyone can waste energy even thinking about how �hippies suck� or whatever is so beyond me and generally weak. I shoot my mouth or fingers off all the time, but it�s generally with a slight sense of tongue-in-cheek. The new guy in my office is like this multiplied by ten thousand. He talks so much shit about �kids from the suburbs that don�t know real punk rock�, or �these kids weren�t there when those bands were around�. No shit! Fuck, I saw some classic punk rock and hardcore bands throughout the eighties, but I would never tell some younger kid that he�s not as cool as me because he was born ten years after me. Although, how cool would it be to say �Man, when I saw Louis Armstrong at Symphony Hall on that snowy night (the famous November 30th, 1947 concert) it was the best thing ever. You kids don�t know shit about pop music.�? I guess I�m one of the few people that becomes less cynical as I get older. Being cynical and negative is such a thing to do in your twenties.

So today we drove around and saw people getting ready on beaches for what I presume were various fireworks displays around here It was a nice day out today. Tonight the baseball game on the big tv, continuing at the restaurant, and then did some chatting on a deck over some beer and iced latte. The summer is filled with social activities. The winter seems to be the recharge period.

I�m gonna go ahead and say I�m not really into Greg Kinnear.

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