Oh Joy!
2004-07-05 || Ice Creations of Vanhanlia
Soundtrack � Stevie Wonder or something

I avoided seeing any fireworks or being anywhere a grill was being used. Today was out for lunch for a while, I enjoyed the house though as the central AC unit was cranking. I am ready for dead fucking cold winter, I�m sick of this shit now. I have blisters all over my arm from the sun. I found out I am �allergic to the sun�. If I were in 10th grade and into Marilyn Manson how cool would it be to be able to say that and mean it? �I have to wear this trench coat here in New Orleans in July because I am allergic to the sun�and people� Anyway, every year in June I get them on any part of me exposed to the sun. If it were overcast for a week at a time I would be happy. I like the summer when thunderstorms and scary skies happen on a daily basis for weeks.

Reading some of the blog entries on My Space I cringe at all the misanthropic teens and twenty somethings that �hate people�. Yet they have 569 �friends� on the internet. Spending every fucking waking hour attached at the hip with someone. Having no ability to survive without talking for 2 days.

Today I thought of moving to Iowa. I want to end up somewhere like that at some point in the next few years.

That Jew never got back to me about the gig. Obviously.

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