Oh Joy!
2004-07-03 || bug florida on a 6 ticket
Soundtrack � Hank Williams � The Complete Mercury Years

12:31 AM

Nobody is fucking fooled. I really fucking hate it. There�s no possible way you can look in the mirror in the morning and say �I am going to spend the day telling the truth. All day, I�m just going to be so un-full of shit that it wouldn�t even be possible for me to lie.� There is no possible way you can walk by a mirror throughout your day and not catch your eye and not feel like an asshole. It really baffles me how a man could be that fucking clueless and messed up.

Yeah, so I acquired this Hank Williams 10 CD box set. I had a copy at one point and sold it like an idiot. I can�t let this one go though. I could literally put the ten discs in one cd changer, put it on shuffle and listen to these 10 discs, and only these 10 discs for three months.

The skinny black woman with the long braided hair that sold me cigarettes tonight was reading Ayn Rand.

I have to find a Yardbirds song tomorrow. Oh now I could.

3:04 AM

Remember the nights the deer got in the guest house out back? Remember Tim tried to get in the tree with the net.

I can�t figure the atk keep my eyes open at this point. They are dry too

Congreralsiutlaionsons! congraudtaedlions

This night oall night on the bed with bassel and baseball and ciagrete and ceisling fan to keep. I mean does it make your seyes dry out or something. ? I meant to ask somenone.

This fucking douche bag should be covered in salaami and thenwe drowned in a vat of butterscotchflavors. how Do you feel about this plan I made upo tonsight2?

See, everyone likes a goggood meal

I want to go back up to Albany again. maybe in early spetmenber. Sargatoga springs againt. Ican�t imagie not going up there earlty I Should have whent to sleeps!


I cant evne post it. let�s see howt happe


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