Oh Joy!
2004-07-02 || 68 Guns by The Alarm ladies and gentlemasmn3
Soundtrack � Muddy Waters � Live at Kelly�s

Today, I washed my hair in the shower. I did not wash my hair during the month of June. I just had to add this on here. Who has the hot dogs and Budweiser and loose fitting white shorts and button down shirts buttoned halfway up and those things you can wrap around your beer to keep it cool? Who has them? It�s 4th of July weekend here. We should celebrate tonight, tomorrow night, Sunday night. There will be a nice cool breeze coming in from the ocean that will just tickle the hair on my arms. Let�s celebrate and eat hamburgers and play with computers in air conditioned offices and ceiling fanned bedrooms. Let�s argue about sports and when and if the manager of the team should be fired. Let�s light off firecrackers. Nobody ever got killed with firecrackers. Nobody ever got killed with a bottle rocket. Take the stick off it and make a �nigger chaser� as we used to call them in junior high school. Let�s eat cole slaw, potato salad. Let�s eat a big bowl of potato chips and dip. I will set up the bowl of potato chips, and open the can of onion dip. I want to do all of this while some 22 year old kid from Indiana is scared shitless in some desert because he just saw his friend get shot in the head because of some guy his parents voted for. This is gonna be an awesome American style weekend! I bet that 22 year old kid from Indiana is gonna have a cheeseburger tonight with a nice American style breeze tickling the hair on his arms. �No thanks, I don�t think I can eat anymore of this potato salad dad�. Go ahead and fill up with potato salad son. Mmmmm, I fucking love potato salad. I love freedom! It�s awesome!

So we have a long weekend this weekend which is always a good thing. Next week I will be doing work in the warehouse, which is rather exciting.

We�ve been writing some good new material with the band. Hopefully we can record a new record at the end of this year or beginning of next year with Steve again. I e-mailed him the other night to let him know I bought their new record and dug it, etc. He wrote back �Thanks man, more power to you as well! I miss hanging out with you guys!� That man is out of his mind. In a good/scary way though. Just about every song on the new record mentions shooting people.

I�ve come to the realization that my boss may well be the same man as this man

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