Oh Joy!
2004-07-02 || that raven is Abe Vigoddard in Weekend at Bernies
Soundtrack � The Puerto Rican Fuckholes � Live in Oslo

I forgot about the tanned Kenny Rogers looking dude I saw (I know about that website you don�t have to tell me about it) this morning. This road near Tufts University I drive by. Narrow residential street. Those white house you can picture in your head in the dead of winter. Ugly, white with aqua awning New England shit. These guys in one of those fucking mini-dumptruck looking things is stopped dead in the street and some guy who looks like a reject from the �Overweight-Donald-Sutherland-Look-a-Like Contest� with a shovel filling one of the potholes. There�s no warning at the beginning of the street. I look to my right and the Kenny Rogers looking guy is sitting in a lawn chair on the sidewalk with no shirt on, yellow shorts, those white slip on looking sneakers old people wear, and holding what looks like a tattered 200 page pulp novel. The truck finally moves and I drive away.

I actually can�t keep my eyes open. That paragraph took 20 minutes to write. Shit, I had a lot to say tonight too.


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