Oh Joy!
2004-07-01 || Y2Jonata ate cocounauts of spaceshi
Soundtrack � The Kinks or something, I don�t know,

anyway, while doing some much needed organization in here I watched an exciting baseball game between the Texas Rangers and the Seattle Mariners. Now I have �About Last Night� on with mute and some mp3s on random. This is an exciting existence. I will not ignore the power of the album though. I have about 600 songs on here so far. I�ve been slowly putting stuff on from the collection each night. It would take a year to get it all on this hard drive, and it would take 20 of these hard drives. Nothing beats a regular album though.

Fuck Jim Belushi. He�s not even good enough to be the poor man�s John Belushi, he�s like the poor man�s Steve Guttenberg. (Oh, Demi Moore is naked. At the end of the movie you find out that Demi Moore�s pussy has been Punk�d and Ashton comes out and shit, it�s hilarious. What, you�ve never seen this movie?)

We got post-it notes back in the office yesterday.

Fuckin 9/11 happened and shit!

I�m warming up to that Wilco a little more now.

(Demi and Rob Lowe are totally blowing off all their friends now. Letting the phone ring through sexual activity sessions. That�s not nice.)

This guy in my office went to the store the other day and got me some cigarettes. When he returned has was telling me of the people in the store. He�s one of those people that needs to always comment about people in a negative manner. So he tells me there�s some white hoochie chick in there with a black dude. He then asks if I know why �all those white chicks do that�. I just said �I don�t know�. So this really still bothers people? The interracial relationship. There are actually white people in the world that think this is �weird�, or �not right�. There�s a lot of those people left. I remember thinking it was odd for about 20 minutes once in high school, but that was just cause the black dude in question was in a wheelchair. How is a white chick supposed to take advantage of a gigantic black cock if it doesn�t work? (Demi is fucking that dude from work too! What the hell is going on here? Where�s Jim Belushi when you need him? Why does he always play the grounded friend that gives advice?) I�m sorry, I shouldn�t be stereotyping blacks like that. Sometimes it�s fun though. Especially when penises and vaginas are involved in the discussion.

I just looked at the digital (the infamous scene in the bathtub. hott!) clock and for a brief second thought it said �2:73�.

�Hello, this is the what? The rape crisis line? Shit, I meant to call that Greek place. I told the woman �The Grape, Rice, and Wine Barn��

Here�s a sample of what the hell I�ve been working on for the last week or so�the names have been changed to protect the innocent

�Matilda has now taken on some of the responsibilities of direct to customer order entry and customer service. Although the ultimate goal of the department is to have no customer service calls coming in, it would be great to see Matilda have some customer service issues to log, and solve for customers in this area of the order center.

There was only one negative incident with a customer in this review period. This incident involved an artist waiting for product in Hawaii which was determined to be the fault of Matilda as well as the artist. A simple communication breakdown, yet the problem was resolved, and Matilda kept me, as well as one of the owners in the loop. This particular artist has been particularly high maintenance on more than one occasion so Matilda was given the benefit of the doubt on this incident. I did not receive any negative feedback from the owners, or anyone above me regarding this, Matilda let me know about it as it was happening�

(Who the fuck is this chick in the fur coat calling Rob Lowe from a laundromat?)

Before I go to sleep here, I decided to find some evidence that will once and for all sentence the entire white race to death. This will be an ongoing series here�

Wow, everyone is like totally helping each other out at this joint! How pissed is that one guy who got dragged to the "makeover and bakesale fundraiser" by his girlfriend? Shit, "2:50 AM"

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