Oh Joy!
2004-06-11 || someone like Joey Ramone
Soundtrack � War - Galaxy

Yeah baby! Lay down on this fuckin thing, smoke a joint, drink a root beer, and take in a Red Sox game. Come on you fucking piece of shit. I will actually strangle your sister to death if you don�t watch the Red Sox.

I think rappers should call themselves rappists.

It�s mighty sunny out, and I couldn�t be happier that it�s Friday. I got the hard drive in the mail this morning, which should be installed this weekend. That�s pretty exciting.

I came up with some bumper sticker ideas:

�Jesus is coming � Booooo!�

�Jesus is coming, see, his toes are curled up�

Would you buy one of these stickers?

I�m also thinking of an �I Hate NY� one that has a swastika where the word �hate� would go, and the Yankees logo. I swastika the Yankees. I genocidicate Jews The Yankees. Something like that. I don�t hate Jews obviously, just trying to make this make some sense.

I can�t comprehend how someone could just not have a clue. I really can�t deal with non pro-active people working under me. It makes my job harder. I hate delegating work out, I�d rather just assume everyone here does my shit rather than me having to ask them. What the fuck? Anyway, this new guy is driving me nuts for continually raising the bar of bafflement on a daily basis.

I had the idea to go out to my truck and lay down for a few hours.

So there�s an article in the paper coming Monday about the Puerto Rican insurance scams that take place. Basically, these fucks have their friends open chiropractor offices, stage car accidents, and scam insurance money, making our insurance go up in the meantime. The shitty liberal judges around here give them a slap on the wrist because they�re afraid they�ll be kicked out of the country. Am I missing something here?


Fuckin Boom!

Okay, so what�s the problem with people who get worked up about people thinking they�re cool? Someone in here, always goes on about. �Yeah, these kids from the suburbs that think they�re punk rock�. Can you imagine still caring if people were really punk rock or not at age 34? Shit, I don�t even care who the fucking president is, let alone who is and who isn�t truly punk rock. Here�s a list of some things that concern me on a daily/weekly basis:

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