Oh Joy!
2004-06-13 || stev change its
Soundtrack � Sun Ra � Music From Tomorrow�s World

I tell you right now, fuck Henry Winkler. Also, fuck Mexican food. I�m done with it. Jesus Christ. Maybe it�s just that restaurant, we go there like 8 times a month.

Today, my friend and his girlfriend came to meet us for lunch, we then came back here and he installed the new hard drive, some computer shit happened that I don�t understand, and it turns out he couldn�t put it in with the other, so we just put the big one in for now � how boring is this paragraph?

I�m praying that I have enough battery power in the laptop for 4 days when I�m away from electricity, sleeping in the truck. I need to do a little writing every night. I think living in the truck for a few nights surrounded by thousands of people, while the friends sleep in tents on the grass will be interesting, and give me much food for thought.

Some 17 year old boy vomiting up sperm behind a night club called �Excite� in Miami Beach.

Fuck outer space too. I don�t get it.

Next week, I�ll be in upstate New York, Saratoga Springs to be exact seeing the band for the last time in that area. This is slightly depressing to me. I�ve spent a lot of time in that area seeing them up there, and this will be the last time. We couldn�t get the room with two rooms, so I have to sleep in the same room as my friend Denise. It�s two beds, but I�m not really good friends with her, and I generally hate sleeping in the same room as other people unless it�s Jodie, or a cat. This will be a slight issue for two nights. Perhaps I�ll make believe I�m shit-faced, and go sleep in the bathtub.

Speaking of being shit-faced, I�ve managed to have a series of �one beer� nights for a good stretch now. I can�t remember what it�s like to feel drunk, or buzzed from alcohol, and frankly, I don�t care to remember, I just know I generally do not like it in the least bit. I�m sure I�ll do it again from time to time, but as a general thing, blech.

How about ham sandwich?

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