Oh Joy!
2004-06-09 || The table with it on it is over there. No?
Soundtrack � Stevie Wonder � Innervisions

Okay, I�m officially sick of the hot weather now. Fuck the summer. There are too many people on the road. There are too many people walking around like assholes with their elbows above their shoulders. I realized last winter that I love the winter. Perhaps I should move to Minnesota and never be heard from again. I like when it�s cold out. When I sleep in the winter I�ll open the window from time to time because the heat is too much. Heat is uncomfortable and harder to escape than cold weather is.

Today I bought a 120GB hard drive to add to my machine so I can put all of my music, writing, pictures, and basically anything that isn�t a program on it. I�m actually a little more excited about this than I am about this new Sonic Youth record.

I�ve just decided that I am going to vote for George W Bush in the November election for one reason, and one reason only, this John Kerry benefit concert with these artists: �Willie Nelson, Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond and Billy Crystal Monday night. A New York event was scheduled for Thursday at Radio City Music Hall with Jon Bon Jovi, Bette Midler, James Taylor, John Mellencamp, Wyclef Jean, Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg scheduled to perform.� Okay, Willie Nelson is cool but fucking James Taylor? Wyclef Jean? Whoopi? This sounds like they took the lineups from Comic Relief and Farm Aid, added a couple of fag hags (Streisand and Bette Midler) and put a show together. Also, Kerry is full of shit and he�s ugly looking. Fuck him and his rich wife.

I�m going to vote for the president whose cock I would rather suck on.

I really have no idea why I get myself involved in conversations about music anymore. I could care less what anyone thinks about anything. At one point in time I gave a shit if someone else liked something good I liked. Now that it�s evident that most people have short attention spans when it comes to quality music, and would rather just go back to what they find safe and easy to listen to, I don�t give a shit. Most of these people started listening to music when they were in high school or junior high and it was probably something shitty like Madonna, or Metallica.

Shit, does this Chinese or whatever Oriental Asian metal head chick have a �KKK� sweatshirt on? How about people who use the word �Oriental�? That bugs me slightly.

Rehearsal was a waste of time last night. I was going to take the recording home and see if there was anything usable for songs, but I have no energy. I actually got physically ill going through recordings of us last week. Just from listening to it too much.

I cancelled my myspace account today. There is nothing going on there. I�ll keep the band one obviously, but I�m going to vomit if I go on there and see one more faggoty post about �what�s your favorite sexual position?�, how about the sexual position where you die of AIDS? That�s my favorite sexual position. Or �What Robert DeNiro movie are you?�, �What record is the best one to hear when you have a broken heart?� (fyi-answer: Skrewdriver: Hail the New Dawn). Seriously, people spend hours on there chatting with each other about relationships, etc. I guess. Can you imagine a more boring, useless thing to do with your time? I think I�d rather look at pictures of sand.

I�m in the best mood a person could possibly be in today. Next week I go away for a few days for the first trip of the summer. I got paid today.

If this guy comes by and puts paperwork, or junk mail I don�t want on my desk again, I�m going to have him fired.

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