Oh Joy!
2004-06-03 || At 2:22 AM Joe tells you it
Soundtrack � Can � Future Days

George Bush is likening the Iraq war to World War II. I can�t wait for the day he likens the Iraq war to �that Mel Gibson movie where he wears a dress�Braveheart, yeah that�s it!�.

I would like to meet the law student that is going to, or has, fucked Jenna Bush in the ass while listening to the Dave Matthews Band.

Tonight, my friend and I went for some dinner, some CD shopping, and then some cigarette/scratch ticket buying, and once again I won $1000. There was some Keno playing guy in there who was buying them from the same book I bought mine from. He offered to buy the winning ticket off of me for $700, so of course I took him up on it. When you win over $500 in Massachusetts you have to claim it with the government. You generally get about $700-$750 with a $1000 win, so I figured why not. For some reason I didn�t find it odd that this guy just happened to have $700 in cash (as well as tons more on the roll he pulled out). I�ve now won about $3500 in the past 9 months or so, probably spent about $500 in that time though. Both of these $1000 tickets I managed to pawn off and get around the taxes. Now the question I have to ask myself is: �what box set do I buy tomorrow?�

Jesus healed little boys who sinned with the power of strong marijuana. Jerry Garcia was also in on this. If you tell.

Who saw the movie Big Fish? On sale for $10. I got it.

Who saw the Rupert Holmes porn movie called �Escape (The Penis Colada Movie)�?

So in two weeks I have to go to a sexual harassment seminar thingy for work, which was described as �This interactive, high energy harassment prevention training�. Does this mean they are going to call on me and ask me to demonstrate something? When I replied to the HR woman about which session I would attend I was going to ask her what she would be wearing for it. Jodie told me not to do anything this guy would do

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