Oh Joy!
2004-06-02 || now you get sperm with it
Soundtrack � John Coltrane � Dakar

I�ve had a headache all day long. The Sox lost, and I�m sure that fucking stove pipe of a janitor will say something about it.

Thinking about other bands, and going to see live music has turned into something I want no part of at this point. I�m bored of it all. There are some good bands, I just don�t have the energy to listen to, or talk about music anymore. JEWISPIRATES OF ACRIBBEAN TED! ted TED! I think I�m also burnt out on that message board I�ve been frequenting. Far too many shit bags with sideburns and shitty American beer habits.

Who is Scott Peterson and why is he on trial?

Who is John Kerry and why should I vote for him as the homoerotic rock singers tell me to? I hope he is pro-John Coltrane reissues. There must be some great live stuff that needs to be released in the next four years. It�s been a while since something good came out. That last show he performed is good, but the quality is horrid. HOW GOD FUCK YOU HOW IS AUSIHIWTZ NOW?! It�s fun to listen to as you can hear the sheer sonic noise they were making but it�s a little hard on the ears. I wouldn�t dare play it in the office or anything like that.

I stayed home from work today. I had a four day weekend.

Listening to the live CD of our set the other night earlier. I cannot stand to listen to myself sing. I have to fast forward through all of the lyrics and make sure the guitar sounds good, as I know the singing is awful, and the lyrics are awfuller. I made up a word.

Some chick with big tits stuffed into a business suit dress just told me it will be 60 degrees tomorrow and raining.FUCK YOUR HO 369 69ER!

We have a gig this Friday evening, and then another in August. I need to write some new things. I�m lacking in that right now.

Who gives a shit what the weather is going to be on Tuesday of next week? fuck her ass open fuck it open! Why people even pay attention to the weather is beyond me. Who gives a shit?

FUCK you this is Adolf Hitler territory!

I said fuck you fuckhole faces

You ehar him!

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