Oh Joy!
2004-05-12 || Let's remember the bumble bee from 1996
Soundtrack � Pink Floyd � Atom Heart Mother

On the way into work today, I turned into John Coltrane and McCoy Tyner doing heroin in the back of a taxi.

I�m quite enjoying the warm spell we are having here, as well as the Red Sox season so far. It�s an emotional roller coaster, much like dating a 20 year old girl. I realized today that orange is a color I am drawn towards. This may have something to do with a Denver Broncos pencil I had when I was a kid.

How many coke whores does James Spader have to fuck before he can get another role playing a shitbag?

If I were to put a plate of cabbage and fingernails next to

Your cunthole fuck you cock suck douche fuckers cunt cunt cunt say it that word say it to them.

Tonight is a �day off�. We created a new song last night. I had a recording of some improvisation from a few weeks ago and we took the melody who cares what I�m talking about when it has to do with writing music. Go fuck your father. Imagine fucking your father? If you�re a woman reading this, imagine yourself riding your dad, and looking over at yourself in the mirror next to the bed. Confused, scared, and crying.

I�m trying to find a studio apartment. This may be the best thing for me. One big room. Throw shrimp and raccoon feces across the room at the television set. A party of two flamingos in a fruit fight.

This shit head plays too much crappy fucking music in here. I may create a rule that say, �fuckholefuckholefuckholehcuflkole!�

Here�s a picture of Josef Mengele, surrounded by a couple of silly cats. I fucking love cats. If you don�t think cats are adorable little balls of furry wonderfulness you are a fucking piece of shit.

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