Oh Joy!
2004-05-11 || hot wet pepperoni tickets
Soundtrack � Aerosmith � Toys in the Attic

Two days in a row with bad experiences in the food service industry. This morning at the coffee shop, a bus load of teenage girls in line buying every kind of fruit coolatta and bagel sandwich. I love hot tight soaking wet teenage pussy as much as the next guy, but not when I have to wait in line behind it for 20 minutes.

Last night, ordering some fast food I had to repeat myself three times to the Spanish speaking person working the headset position, and he still didn�t get it right. The food was horribly undercooked, practically inedible. If these fucking douche bags spent as much time learning things like speaking English, and tough duties like operating a frying thing as they do scamming insurance companies and the welfare system maybe people wouldn�t be so gung-ho about deporting their tan asses back to whatever country they came from that�s filled with people whose last names end with a Z.

This old Aerosmith is great, anyone who doesn�t like this stuff is a fucking moron and knows nothing about rock music. Most people I hang with know little about any kind of music that isn�t shitty pop music, or bad indie rock with a chick singer. Is there any reason a woman should have a microphone in her hand aside from when she�s working at Walmart announcing that �Register 8 is now open�?

I was on live radio last night. I called into the conservative talk show guy in Boston. If you were listening to Howie C last night around 6:40 PM and heard �Chris in the car�, that was me. I said �Homeless person burned alive, or to be more PC, residentially challenged person burned alive.�. He thought it was funny, I thought it was funny, and thousands of listeners heard me on the radio. I have an erection and a scrotum filled with scalding hot screw juice ready to essplode just thinking about it.

I am unimportant and useless, you should not care so much about what people think. Like me. Try it, it�s delicious. Spineless and robotic. Praise to the almighty vagina of comfort and security.

If you laugh at this picture, this boy will die.

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