Oh Joy!
2004-05-13 || I saw you in THAT OUTSIDER for crabby patties.
Soundtrack � Prince � Musicology

As much as I enjoy the cold weather, I�m enjoying this warm stuff that�s coming.

Tonight I bought this here Prince CD, The Kids in the Hall DVD set (see, I don�t hate gay people, I just think they talk funny. Actually, speaking of gay people�this morning I went into the coffee shop. I ordered my iced beverage, and as is my habit in the morning, I don�t take a sip of it until at least 25 minutes later. I took the sip, realized she didn�t hear the order correctly, so I needed to get another one [see how my anger management is coming along? Normally I would say something like �that foreign piece of shit whore should get killed by a rabid dingo for not making my coffee right�, but I realized I am a mumbler when I talk, so the nice Puerto Rican women who work there that I see every morning make a mistake now and again that isn�t really a mistake that needs to be attributed to them, big deal]. I stopped at another place on the way. When I walked in a man in line with a loose fitting tank top, well defined muscles and a flat top made eye contact with me, and gave me a �Hi� nod not once, but twice. Maybe because I was smoking marijuana at 9:14 AM EST and was paranoid, but I immediately thought �this man is gay�, not like in a �this fucking guy is gay�, but �this guy is gay, perhaps I do have a �Gaydar��. Anyway, when I got out to my car, he was leaning against the car with his hand halfway in the top of his shorts taking a sip out of his fruity coolatta thingy. We acknowledged each other, and I walked up and grabbed his glistening golden neck and started violently making out with him right there in the parking lot of Dunkin Donuts, it was insane. That was when I realized he was actually gay, it was kind of cool.), and the CD by that band The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, which I heard last weekend and liked it. I also found out yesterday at one point in the last couple of weeks, presumably at 3:25 AM EST after some red wine and bong hits, I ordered this movie on DVD, which arrived in the mail to me. What the fuck?

The Yankees lost anyway.

I don�t think Christian Slater overplays the Jack Nicholson thing too much. I think Jack Nicholson does though.

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