Oh Joy!
2004-04-15 || The Russian chick incident 198?
Soundtrack � The Beatles � Rubber Soul

Fuck you. Suck cock. Eat pussy. Suck cunt. Fuck off. Eat shit. Suck my dick. Suck his dick. Go fuck your mother. Suck my ass. Eat fuckholes and die. Fuck you. Eat shit. Cunt lick. Fuck ass. Douche fuck. Cunt. Cock fuck. Asshole. Sucker mother fucking mother fucker with cock breath. Suck dickholes. Eat shit out of the toilet. Take out your cock and cut it off with a frozen steak knife. Pour Drain-O down the asshole of an upside down midget from the planet Jupiter. Suck fuck suck hole. Eat a plate full of dicks. Fuck you. Shit.

Wow, the sun came out today. Sort of like Katrina and the Waves. Sort of like how good you feel when The Lord Jesus Christ wraps his mighty hands around you and tells you every thing is going to be okay. Then he grabs your genitals. I like Jeebus. He�s kind of hot, I would totally get down with him in a hotel room and shit. I�d be all like �you Jeebus, since I know you�re a spitter, why don�t we turn this DNA I just ejaculated and turn it into red wine?� . My nigga Jeebus would be like �Cool man, let�s watch this episode of James at 15 first�. I�d be like �Okay Jeebus, we�ll watch this shit and then I�ll blow a load of Merlot down your throat�.

The Red Sox will be beating the Yankees this weekend. How about you?

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