Oh Joy!
2004-04-13 || Bugs of Cleteo
Soundtrack � Miles Davis � E.S.P

This may have been the single most unfulfilling day I�ve had in years. Dude, fuckin� years. Work was hideous. I�ve done nothing productive since I came home from work tonight. I�m even bored with this coffee.

We got offered another show at The Middle East which is kind of exciting.

I hate in these soft core porn movies when you can clearly see there is no penis inside of the vagina.

Attention Deficit Disorder.

I almost smashed into a guy with handicapped plates this morning. When going through a green light, straight through a green light, you have the right of way. This man decided he would test me and keep on edging to take a left in the other direction as I drove through the intersection at 25 mph or so; I swerved into him and flipped him off while Jeff Tweedy reminded me how nice of I drive I was having before this incident.

Just how does one go through a day without encountering at least one complete fucking asshole, whether it�s in the car, in a retail environment, etc. My new pet peeve is the people in retail who don�t make eye contact with you at all. I decided whenever this happens, and I pay with a credit card, I will sign it with a swastika, or clearly print something like �fuck little boys�, something exciting like that.

Speaking of black people, I ordered some marijuana from �my guy� today. I like using that term much better than �I set up a drug deal�, or �this dude is gonna hook me up�.

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