Oh Joy!
2004-04-10 || when it's sig ned it's name as "jeasfort" to cahs joshn coltrain chekcs
Soundtrack � Dizzy Gillespie � Jambo Caribe

I like that spell check knows how to spell Dizzy Gillespie. That is pretty exciting. Whereas I drank a little bit tonight at the bar, my spelling ummm rules do not take place in this place here.

The two of the bands I mean were good out of the three I saw. Tomorrow night another one. Sunday night I may venture into the city to see one more too. I figure if anything, it�s better than sitting on the bed all day and night, which is ussually takes place. Not that playing music is work by any stretch of the imagination, but I like having some �nights off� from the band. The only time is it�s work is when iy I mean you have to deal with all of the shit like booking, publicity, etc. Carmen Electyara seems like a nice person for a fake looking one.

Can someone explain it to me why when you get spam e-mail they put this at the bottons? I just got one about something and I decissesed to open it up. Anyway, they always put nonsense at the end of it. Hear. I mean here, I copies it out:

fifthly faze wont malevolus artfulness .

interlace depilation dolere glissando asilidae indicatory jeopard odiosa identity maple unrequited hangers . ascosporic wallpaper cynthia dumbness ternate .

why does that mean?!

It means they are after me in theback yard they come outl. This is one reason I dosns look forward to the sukmer. The window oopen, when you come home the women like the one. I mean the on who looks like the bal,. I mean, the woman on the cover of the first Balck Sabbath record is out in the backyard to kill us all with magic

who�s I m Hows your drive to work in the morning. Much bette

I may vomit

before & after