Oh Joy!
2004-04-12 || the way mice should look with tuxedo flavored chalkdust crickets in their hair
Soundtrack � Lester Young � Complete Verve

Easter was cancelled for me today thankfully. I spent the day watching baseball, writing music, working on the band website, a flier for our next show, putting off my taxes, and going to see Eternal Sunshine of� by myself, I enjoyed it, although it left me feeling uncomfortable and empty at the end of it. It was easier to follow than I had heard it was going to be.

Saw good music both nights of the weekend, and met some people from the message board I frequent. I didn�t drink much last night though. One night is enough. It�s getting to be a tired chore to finish one drink sometimes. I won $100 on a scratch ticket on the way home from the bar, as usual, with my last $5.

Now, I sleeped.

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