Oh Joy!
2004-04-09 || hostage attempt at Smurf Castle
Soundtrack � Some black guy that plays guitar well

I�m pretty pissed about this Stern thing. Regardless of how much you don�t like the guy, there�s no reason they need to start coming down on him now. There is no consistency with this organization. If they had been levying heavy fines like this to him all along it would be one thing, but it�s come out of the blue since he talked down about the president. There are millions of potential blue collar voters right there, of course they are going to try and stop him. These same fucking Clear Channel fucks are promoting tours by �musicians� and entertainers that appeal to the lowest common denominator. Not that I�m just discovering the general hypocrisy now or anything, it�s just too much to read about without getting pissed off.

This weekend should be good, there are some good baseball games on, and I�m going to 2 shows at the club downtown most likely. At one point over the weekend, I may brutally murder a homeless person and throw their urine soaked corpse into Salem Harbor. Look for it on the news.

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