Oh Joy!
2004-03-27 || limp bisc3rt
Soundtrack � Sun Ra � Angels and Demons at Play

Julia Stiles, you ass is getting bigger. That�s okay though, you can still do interracial relationship movies better than anyone in the world.

Thank God for spell check right now. I went out to the bar, which turned into two bars. I�m home by 1:00 though.

The night started with me walking up to the bar to order a drink and this big bald goateed man was muttering something as he rubbed his arm against mine. It was ultra crowded. Then I heard him �You look cute with all of those tattoos�

�Why thank you� I replied

�I know you�re straight, don�t worry� he says

�I�m not worried, trust me�

�Okay, than I�m setting myself up to get beaten up when I leave here� he says

�No, I�m not one of those people�


So yeah, the night starts off with me getting hit on by a gigantic gay man, or a �Big Bear�, which I could probably pass for as well. A little while later the bouncer threw him out for �touching people inappropriately�. One of my friends who is a regular told me he is a trouble maker, and a strange guy. Even if I did want to beat him up for wanting to drink the hot pearly white cum out of my rock hard fuck stick, I don�t think I could have, he was much bigger. The last time I beat someone up it was myself. Anyway, enough about gay people.

I ran into a number of friends tonight. I ended up leaving and going to a different, less crowded place and met up with some other people. One girl I�ve known for years, her and her brother were there. I never know if her brother is looking at me, as he has one of those weird eyes.

I�m indifferent to all the music I saw tonight. I enjoyed the first one I saw. A girl I know from the message board, it was her boyfriend�s band, who we are playing with in June so I thought I�d check them out. Pretty good I guess.

Human being should not mix the following:

beer, Southern Comfort, Gin, Espresso, and marijuana. Let me just tell you.


that folk singer chick with the name Mary Lou that allegedly fucked Kurt Cobain was there tonight...with her husband, hanging on like 12 different guys. I guess they are swingers. She is sick anyway. Yucky.

I just learned about Seacrest Out. I have no idea who it is, or what it means., IO klnow it now

Who cares about some of the music out there. Actually. FOrge

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