Oh Joy!
2004-03-29 || short jewish guys
Soundtrack - Milt Hinton/Hank Jones - The Judge at His Best

Another boring, formulaic weekend. Today I stayed in the room all day. I didn�t even turn the blinds to see if it got sunny or if it was cloudy. I could care less about the weather on my day off. Especially if I�m not going anywhere anyway.

This weekend I saw too many people, and did too much talking. Friday night was fine as I saw people I would want to see. Saturday though I kept running into groups of people throughout the day and night.

It�s amazing how little they all know. From the outside it�s all fun and games. What it comes down to is a network of people completely scared of thinking on behalf of themselves instead of �if the person I�m fucking says it�s okay�. Who isn�t like this? None of you.

I watched 3 episodes of The Prisoner today. Lifted weights, did sit-ups. Smoked cigarettes. Read. Cooked dinner for myself. Spent minimal time on the computer. Talked to the cat. Thought about the time your parents discussed how having you was a bad idea. That conversation happened about you. That sucks eh?

Now that I think back to Friday evening, an ultra-crowded bar. I should have stuck an ice pick in the stomach of that homosexual man. Nobody would have known I did it. He would have fell to the floor clutching his stomach with a look of fear in his eyes as I walked away to order a gin and tonic, the band still playing for a minute or so until someone noticed and stopped them. Commotion and people yelling and screaming. People telling people to calm down. Me in the corner asking an old friend what good movies they�ve seen lately. Taking the ice pick outside with me, throwing it in the barrel in front of Wendy�s. Came home and tried to catch the end of Masterpiece Theatre before retiring for the evening. Dreaming of a young Patty Duke cooking me some southwestern chicken dish.

I had a dream on Friday evening that I won $4,000 on a scratch ticket. Saturday afternoon I bought one and won $40.00. Eh.

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