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2004-03-25 || didj you walk to kacnada? 33
Soundtrack � S cratch A cid � The G reatest G ift

Found this disc tonight finally. I had it at one point, and then I didn�t. Anyway, how boring would it be for me to talk in public about this CD right now? It would probably be about as boring as it would be for me to watch a video tape of you making a lettuce and ham sandwich. That�s how boring that experience would be.

Actually, my grammar is awful; my spelling is pretty good though.

My cock is fantastic.

I like to watch the western on the tv

Actually, so tonight I thought perhaps the CIA themselves could be after me for something. I obviously did nothing. A guy on a messageboard I go on got mad at me today. He is a Republican. Most folks there aren�t. They mentioned GW was coming to Boston tomorrow for a fund raising dinner. I said �I know a good rooftop the secret service doesn�t know about�. A couple more lines, this guy chimes in that I shouldn�t joke like that. I did a little research, and it�s not really illegal from what I can tell. Seems like you have to directly send the president letters stating you are going to kill him. I could be wrong. Either way, I should probably be a little more careful. I�ve sent numerous nonsensical e-mails to [email protected], so there could be a little file on me in some building. �This guy is weird. Not really dangerous. Kind of an idiot in a way�fuck it, somebody destroy this file if you read it.� Is it okay for me to say �somebody will probably do that to that guy from Texas that lies if he is elected again�?

Can I say �When I enter a dog from behind I feel like I�m on Jupiter.�

How many tired Pink Floyd laser shows do you have to go to before you can fuck Rachelle in the ass? How many Zimas do you have to buy her?

I remember the movie that had it in it.

The guitar sits on the stand and taunts me on a nightly basis. Much like the blank page that I look at each evening before I switch to this other blank piece page on my screen that I put up on the internet for people to read. That�s a good sentence. The ones on the hard dribeI have not idea what I was just trying to say.

I lost 2 pounds.

I�m getting a raise.

We have one gig lined up. Lets stretch it out a little. No more of these 5 minute songs about women I haven�t even thought about in four years. Where�s the passion and soul going to be in something old and stale like that. Why touch on subjects that don�t matter in the grand scheme of things? I hate writing lyrics.

I think I had cigarette. A cigarette.

I got a couple more blaxploitation movies in the mail yesterday. Black Caeser (which James Brown recorded an amazing soundtrack to, including one of my fave JB songs Down and Out in New York City), and its sequel, Hell Up in Harlem. I�m trying to build the collection of these up.

Jodie and I discussed films in the 80s versus ones in the 70s. I�m in the mindset that 80-90% of movies from the 80s do not hold up at all. I love tons of 80s movies, mostly horror, John Hughes type movies, Better Off Dead, Back to the Future, C.H.O.M.P.S, etc. but most of the ones from that era just suck when you see them now. There was a lot of great stuff going on in the 70s that interests me more in retrospect now (obviously, since I was a young lad in the 70s). Without further ado, the most important films of the 70s to me anyway.

1) Raging Bull

2) The Godfather

3) Nashville

4) Annie Hall

5) A Woman Under The Influence

6) The Deer Hunter

7) Saturday Night Fever

8) Jaws

9) Shaft

10) French Connection

11) Suspiria

12) Manhattan

13) I don�t want to I�m tired now, enough of it. Who cares what I like

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