Oh Joy!
2004-03-20 || you meant to discuss her celery habits
first of all: Soundtrack � Tito Puente � Cuando Suenan Los Tambores

Your mouth gets sores in it when you spend the night shaking hands, opening doors, and then putting your fingers in your mouth.

We went to two different clubs tonight. The band at the first one was better I think. Too crowded though. I can�t be in those tiny clubs when they are filled with the smell of beer and leather jackets.

Actually, I�m tired

I�m not cut out for going to two di


How many afros would it take to fill the built center

On Saturday, tomorrow night, I would like to do nothing. I feel as if I�ve been going out every night. It�s cold out too. Who wants to do this? I at least need a couple of days left. I mean rest.

Walking by another bar tonight on the way back to the car some guy yelled to us �Presley!�

Imagine if all of the people in the world. I mean I meant to say I�m not completely sold on Lionel Hampton yet. I magic. I mean I imagine he is important obviously. Celery is also somewhat important as well. I don�t eat much celery these days. I remember winning money of a scratch ticket in New Jersey when I went last time and concocted this whole story. Wait, I also had a story about something that happened today too. The last time I went to New Jersey, which was in November around the time they all eat turkey and kids stay home from school and bars in your hometown are filled with fuck holes. Ladies and gentlemen the website is called http://www.fuckholes.com. I concocted this whole story to tell this girl I�m fiends with that I was meeting my girlfriend in New York City and she. Well, the reason I went to New Jersey, and Long Island which I gotta say I enjoyed quite a bit. I really like New York and that whole area more than I thought I would have years ago when I got lost there a few times. Cars breaking down. Spanish speaking men. Anyway, they ummm�I went down there to see a concert. a wonderfully brisk wintery day which found me on a ferry, driving in the light rain in the evening to New Jersey because I told the girl I was supposed to go to the concert with I was meeting my girlfriend in New York City at her parents house. My girlfriend�s parents do not live in New York City. I think they live in Egypt, and Midwest City, Oklahoma. The concert. And then the drive back though. I went over this wonderful bridge which cost me eight dollars. I was a little drugged and playing some Django on the drive in the middle of the night. Philadelphia/New Jersey was the destination. The girl met me there and I told her to get her own room. How am I supposed to jerk off in a hotel room if I have a girl I�m sort of friends with in there. With one bed. I suppose that could have been kind of funny actually. Anyway, I was able to have my own room, with the option of jerking off in th hotel room. How many orgasms happen in hotel and motel rooms across the world in an average day. Millions of people are breathing heavy in those rooms. Wow man, Jim Morrison would think that is intense. I imagine he would write a poem about it called �Universe of Ecstasy�

In the universe of ecstasy

men work

woman writhe

souls are shattered like frozen roses in your mind.

Inside the 13th crater on the third moon of Jupiter

Sits a woman made of heaven

A unicorn contemplates sexuality

Children cry and talk to the Gods

You and I

We become one with the earth

The children

And the 97 headed hydra from Planet Aghazagothika

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