Oh Joy!
2004-03-19 || 1 after 87
Soundtrack � Neil Young � Weld

In my continued effort to die at an earlier age than most men, I decided going to Taco Bell would be a good idea for dinner last night. I drive up to the thing, give the guy my order and he says something intelligible. I say �what?� he�s giggling something I can�t really understand, and then gets fed up that I�m not in on his joke and tells me to drive up. The little display they have outside the window that says �If you are charged more than this amount, please call 1-800 blah blah blah�� reads $6.66. It�s the homosexual sounding black guy, or �blaggot� that I�ve seen there before working the window. I give him my money and he says �You want (unintelligible ebonic) with that?� I say �hot�, as I think he�s referring to the sauce choice they generally ask you for. He then starts laughing and saying to the other people �he said �hot bwahahaha�, etc. And goes on and on about it for what seems like 5 minutes. What the fuck he said is beyond me, what I should have said was �Hey �three strikes� just give me my fucking Grade W meat and let me go home�. �Three strikes� is referring to the fact that he�s black, gay, and working at fucking Taco Bell. I hate this whole fucking culture with a passion. You know, clean cut looking black dudes with the vocabulary that sounds like a fucking retarded version of Fred Sanford on crack. The more I hear about hip-hoppers, and their type being killed or put in jail a day the more I practice my clapping and hooting and hollering. I think I�ll get some fried chicken for lunch today.

The weekend is here.

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