Oh Joy!
2004-02-05 || ouch@
Soundtrack � DangerMouse � The Grey Album

I think I may be coming down with the flu, or something similar. Jodie asked if I�ve been throwing up and I responded �well, not through my mouth anyway�. My muscles ache. I�ll have to admit that yesterday I went into a Kindergarten hoping to get germs, contract flu like symptoms and drop 20 or 30 pounds by eating nothing but soup and water for two weeks. I�ll post the results, as soon as I shit what seems like everything I�ve ever eaten in my life out.

They spoke of gay marriage on the conservative talk shows last night. It�s funny listening to the people calling up that still think gay people are deviant sex fiends that spread Herpes and AIDS. Everyone knows they are just deviant sex fiends that molest children and fuck animals in the asshole and vagina, but we all spread those diseases. How can people be so misinformed?

I like that sentence �fuck animals in the asshole and vagina�

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