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2004-02-03 || I ate ticken6
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Every once in a while I forget how completely fucking stupid people are in general. For example:

I watched the football game with some friends yesterday. The game itself was great, �our team� won, and everyone went home happy.

Throughout the game, the much coveted �new commercials� aired. Nothing great, the usual crap you try to avoid at all costs if you�re a normal person. A commercial comes on depicting a group of men in tuxedos huddles in a closet watching a sporting event eating tortilla chips. The door opens and a bride is among a group of people discovering the men. The bride joins them to watch the game. One of the guy mentions how lucky the groom is to have a woman who likes sports. The message I got from this? Women generally don�t like sports, and should be considered a prize if they do.

The next commercial that caught my eye was one of a coach screaming in the ear of a referee on the sidelines of a football game. A voiceover says �how does he prepare for this?�. Cut to the same referee at home with his wife doing the same thing to him, screaming in his ear. The message I got? Women yell at men constantly.

I was waiting for the commercial for KFC next where they would show two white guys and a black guy driving around in a car and then saying �Yo, I bet you�d love some fried chicken right about now? to the black guy.

So the fact that all they have been talking about all day is Janet Jackson flashing her breast on TV in front of families and children all over the country is pretty ironic. In an age where shows like Joe Millionaire, Average Joe, and any other television show that exploits women, or �average guys� are the biggest things around its sickening listening to these idiots talking about how awful it was to see a breast.

As someone who was picked on by football players in high school, and understood why things like the Columbine shooting happened, I don�t take much stock in thinking the average football fan is going to even catch the blatant exploitation of women thrown at them on a daily basis, but that�s just me. Hell I don�t even plan to vote in this election, so my opinion is moot.

Some fuck out there in a Lexus should feel ashamed of himself though.

I watched another good Cassavetes movie over the weekend, Minnie and Moskowitz with the always amazing Seymour Cassel, and the stunning Gena Rowlands. It was a nice Woodyesque romantic thing, but with Cassavetes characters in it. Probably his �easiest� movie to deal with if you�re not already a fan of his.

�Hi, I�m here about a knob that needs polishing�

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