Oh Joy!
2004-01-27 || the other night we told jackson browne themed jokes, drank urine and spoke of kings
Soundtrack - The Cure - Connect the Dots box set

I was going to call home and tell the cat to take the steak tips out of the freezer so I can cook them when I get in. I then realized:

a) the cat does not know how to answer the phone

b) the cat does not know how to speak

c) the cat does not have opposible (sp?) thumbs, making opening things difficult

d) the cat can't reach the freezer

e) she may cook the steak tips and eat them if she knows they are in there. Seriously, for 5 seconds I thought I could call a cat on a telephone and ask it to do a favor for me.


A few other things, and then you can get back to what you were doing...

I don't like honey. I just plain don't like it. Some people hate black people, some people hate celery. I hate honey. I'll add this to my list right under:


any food that is the color red

rye bread


How long does "the other day" last? When you're using this in conversation how do you know the difference between

"a few days ago"

"last week"

"last weekend"


"the other day"

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