Oh Joy!
2003-10-27 || Edie Brickel as Joyce Dewitt
Soundtrack � Yoko Ono � Fly

People wonder why I am such a dick head, or why I would rather sit at home by myself and jerk off all over myself looking at child pornography, etc. Well, I doubt people wonder that at all, but in any case, I hate when you send someone an e-mail and they ignore it. I fucking hate this more than anything. As far as I�m concerned it�s like saying �sorry, I don�t have time for you�. Personally, I like this method of communication. I don�t want to talk on the phone. Unless your name is Jodie, I don�t want to talk on the phone. (yesterday the cat got out, and went into the next apartment over; the girl next door who is also in the same boat as me � in her 30�s, living at home, is awful at money issues, etc. knocked on the door. I answered in my bathrobe and she told me that our cat was in her bedroom. I got dressed and went over and had to lure her out with toys and a box of dry food {the cat, not the girl}. This was one of the more exciting things to happen yesterday.) Anyway, it seems that when one person is in a shitty place, everyone needs to know about it or suffer because of it.

How many Jews does it take to change a lightbulb?


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