Oh Joy!
2003-10-27 || Shannen Doherty as The Beave
soundtrack � Blue Note

I�ve discovered the wonder of mp3 CD�s. Okay, not the top of the line sound quality, but I was able to make this CD of Blue Note jazz, with about 80 songs on it from over 50 different artists in my collection. This week I think I may get the stereo installed in the car so I can play these in the car. How exciting can one�s life get?

This week I also need to make final travel arrangements for Philadelphia, Long Island, and Miami. Miami should be interesting. I was only in Florida once, when I was young, and people wore their hair feathered, and we all had big collars.

This week is Halloween, probably one of the most loathsome holidays in my year. Lot�s of tourists around town causing traffic on a daily basis. A pretty much useless holiday after a person turns what, 12 or so? My birthday is 3 days later, perhaps that�s why I couldn�t really care less.

This could possibly have been the most boring weekend I�ve ever had. I realized the only times I went out this weekend were to eat. Is there a problem here? I have no desire to see live music in clubs, go to bars and watch people get drunk, or talk.

Ozzy Osbourne, what a useless piece of shit him and his wife are now. I can�t believe they would re-record the first two records with different people because they didn�t want to pay royalties to the old rhythm section.

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