Oh Joy!
2003-10-28 || The guy with the American flag sticker on his &!&^@&*#&7889fc asifh soaidfaslidf
Soundtrack � Sonic Youth � Dirty

Fell asleep after watching a documentary about Auschwitz last night, some pretty scary stuff there. Almost makes me want to become and anti-Nazi activist or something. Unfortunately, I tried that once and was treated like shit by a Rabbi and some others at a temple, so apparently, unless your Jewish you should not even try to care. This just means they are annoying people. It�s not going to happen again, the racists now are just too stupid. Plus, most of the time it seems these groups are trying to make sure nobody can even believe in what they want to believe. I say, if these morons want to congregate out in the woods and talk about the white revolution, let them, it�s less fucking assholes on the road every day. Eh? Recently, I threw an old Skrewdriver CD in that someone had burned me a while back. I listened to it for a little while and thought �what is the difference between this and anything Eminem, or any of the other �acceptable� offensive artists out there?�. Well, they are actually catchy, and good, that�s the difference. If you�re stupid enough to follow the politics of them, well, you�re an idiot. How can one not have fun in the car driving and singing along �Europe Awake, for the white man�s sake!�. If it�s okay to make fun of white people, or hate them when you are a militant black hip-hop artist, it should be okay to listen to this crap too. It�s all fucking crap in the grand scheme of things anyway.

I just finished a coffee for the first time in five years.

Started watching The 39 Steps last night but fell fast asleep. I was going to watch an episode of the Jeffersons after watching the Auschwitz thing, or Spongebob Squarepants but I didn�t. Would that be in bad taste?

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